The Mid-Career Programme shall focus on Grade IV Officers of the IFS. The main task is to prepare the officer for handling the tasks at Grade III level smoothly and efficiently. The nature and scope of job profile and responsibilities at Grade III are unique and differ in content and substance vis a vis other categories and, in fact, may differ within this category depending upon the exact nature of job profile. In broad terms, when abroad, officers belonging to this category are either heading a Mission/ Post or are performing the functions of Deputy Chief of Mission. Their responsibilities include analysis of nature and content of political priorities in such are, monitoring of progress in various bilateral/multilateral projects and ensuring overall coordination and management of the activities in their respective Mission/Posts. At Headquarters, the officers of Grade III identify critical foreign policy issues/initiatives, finally vet initiatives proposed by the Mission in various areas of bilateral or multilateral cooperation and also lead delegations for the above purposes. The most important function of officers belonging to Grade III may be termed as Strategic Management of foreign policy issues.